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If the political will behind the Ergenekon process had dared to go beyond the River Euphrates, Turkey would today be in a different position, one of settling accounts with the past and making progress on the Kurdish question.
the moment is not that of settling accounts with Hamas Movement or other Palestinian factions.
The new service will allow all users to switch over to settling accounts electronically.
0 billion yen in tax revenues from companies settling accounts in March, actual corporate tax revenues are expected to top the projection in view of the recent improvement in corporate earnings.
Jumblatt also held the international community responsible for the current headway of the current situation in Syria because of its inability to unify its vision towards this "bloody conflict", thus settling accounts at the expense of Syrian fallen blood.
This MoU makes CBB responsible for regulation and supervision of banking and other financial institutions taking public deposits, granting loans, arranging for settling accounts and engaging in other business in the Kingdom of Bahrain.