Settle price

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Settle price

An average of the trading prices in the futures market during the last few minutes of trading.

Settle Price

1. The last price for an option or futures transaction on a derivatives exchange in a given trading day. It is calculated by averaging the last bid and offer, the final sale price, and a weighted average of the transaction prices over the last few minutes of trading. Clearing houses use the settle price to determine whether or not margin accounts and other accounts are current. It is also called a settlement price.

2. See: Closing price.
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After having dropped at one point to below $1,200 in recent weeks, gold has pushed back to $1,240 an ounce and the "rally looks quite likely to settle prices at around $1,315 by end December," according to Abdul Salam K.
It was in this hall that the iron market was held on Tuesdays and Fridays to settle prices for iron, steel and other materials that were being produced on Teesside.
In the long run, supply and demand will play their role to settle prices -- inflation is a global phenomenon.