option series

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Option series

A group of options on the same underlying security with the same exercise price and maturity month.

Option Series

All the option contracts of the same class on the same underlying security with the same strike price and expiration date that are traded on an exchange. For example, all call options on Stock X with strike price Y expiring on the last Friday in March make up one option series in the exchange on which they are traded. An option series is also simply called a series.

option series

All option contracts on a stock that have an identical expiration date and strike price. An example of a series is March options on IBM with a $130 strike price. Also called series.
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It entered into a series of option agreements for five separate properties that, if joined with existing green space, will make Nanaimo s biggest urban park.
BMW is to spice up Mini with a series of option packs called Salt, Pepper and Chilli.
The fixed-price-incentive-firm, cost-reimbursable and cost-plus-fixed-fee contract in addition comprises a series of options, which cover possible construction of second radar site in the western Australian city of Perth, as well as a pair of logistic support contracts for the first site, reported AirForceTimes.
He added that it is the US's job to try to present them with a series of options that are appropriate in order to try to respect the people of Ukraine, international law and the interests of all concerned.
Putting forward a series of options for public consultation last year, health bosses said the "best fit" option - which scored most highly on issues such as safety, quality and access - would be to remove these services from the Royal Glamorgan.
6 percent more from VEBA through a series of options on 3.
In the second phase, Bigelow will create a series of options for public-private collaboration that lower costs and takes advantage of rapid implementation.
The FA is mulling a series of options, including the possibility of quotas for black and ethnic minority officials to help address the imbalance within football.
For the Khaleej Times, as it enters its 35th year this morning, the future is bright with a new expectation through a series of options to provide news, share views and project the priorities of the times we live in.
Last year a group representing a wide range of people who use and manage the transport network between junction 23a and junction 29 explored a range of options and recommended a series of options to help solve the problem of traffic congestion along the stretch.
In April, the ICB had outlined an initial series of options to make the banking sector safer and more competitive, including ring-fencing retail activities, enabling banks to continue crucial operations in a crisis, and making it easier for customers to switch their bank accounts.
They are written in permissive rather than prescriptive form, offering a series of options or instructions without demanding a specific course of action.