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We cashed out most of the Series EE bonds we had saved during the previous seven years--a thrilling $10,000
Bond interest - For 2009, interest on proceeds of qualified savings bonds (specifically, Series I bonds or qualified Series EE bonds issued after 1989) cashed to pay education expenses is tax free for joint filers with less than $104,900 in AGI, partially tax free for AGI of $104,900-$134,900; comparable limits for single filers are $69,950-$84,950.
They found that Series EE bonds yielded higher returns than T-bills with less volatility.
Series EE bonds, however, must be held for at least 12 months, and a three-month interest penalty applies to redemptions taking place less than five years from purchase.
Treasury series EE bonds and I bonds to help clients make savings bonds a part of their investment strategy.
Series EE bonds, and individual stocks [Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) and United Parcel Service Inc.
The legend will also appear on Series EE bonds available at the Bureau of the Public Debt's Savings Bond Direct Website, www.
The traditional Series EE bonds, which sell for half their face value, will be available in denominations ranging from $50 to $500.
Treasury's savings bond offerings today consist of series EE bonds, the interest earnings on which accrue until the bond matures or is redeemed, and series HH bonds, which are obtained in exchange for series E or series EE bonds and pay interest twice per year, via ACH, to the owner's designated depository institution.
The fiscal 2012 series EE bonds are scheduled for negotiated sale on March 6.
Brian cashed in $6,000 of series EE bonds to pay his dependent daughter's qualified higher education expenses in 2000.