Separate account

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Separate Account

An account at an insurance company where funds are invested for a variable annuity. Because the annuitant in a variable annuity assumes the risk of the investment of his/her contributions, his/her funds are held in a separate account away from the general pool of funds that are invested for fixed annuities.

Separate account.

An insurance company's separate account is established to hold the premiums you use to purchase funds included in variable annuity contracts the company offers.

The separate account is distinct from the company's general account, which holds the company's assets as well as premiums for fixed annuities and fixed-income separate account funds.

Assets in a company's separate account are not vulnerable to the claims of creditors, as assets in the general account are. But they can be affected by the ups and downs of the marketplace. Any gain or loss in the annuity's value results from the investment performance of the investments in the separate account funds you select.

References in classic literature ?
And while the three-headed Cerberus was fawning so lovingly on King Pluto, there was the dragon tail wagging against its will, and looking as cross and ill-natured as you can imagine, on its own separate account.
He will serve as chief compliance officer of the registered investment advisor and as co-chair of the Due Diligence Committee, which administers the due diligence program with respect to mutual funds and separate accounts.
Marc Langenbach, Head of Fund Management & Separate Accounts Germany at AEW, commented: "The aim of the mandate is to build a sustainable real estate portfolio with an attractive dividend yield for our client.
It also clarifies that assets held by insurance company separate accounts may be invested in 81-100 group trusts under some circumstances.
Thirty-eight percent of individuals in relationships who maintain separate accounts said they do so for independence, making it the top reason for holding individual accounts.
Unified managed accounts are managed investment accounts that have developed out of separate accounts.
Belgium failed to inform the Commission of the adoption of all the necessary measures to ensure that companies which are receiving state compensation for the discharge of a public service while exercising commercial activities keep separate accounts, as required by the Financial Transparency Directive.
Our goal is to bring transparency to hedge funds and separate accounts in much the same way we did for mutual funds more than 20 years ago.
CSVIM will manage separate accounts, and may also raise and manage commingled real estate investment funds for high-net-worth and institutional investors.
The March 11, 2005, release that accompanies the rule seeks to address variable insurance contract features as well as the special circumstances of separate accounts inside variable contracts (such as full or partial withdrawals, and periodic rebalancing).
The separate accounts also may be used to fund guaranteed benefits.
If the trust is a qualifying trust, can separate accounts be set up fur each of the beneficiaries and their own lives used to calculate the required distributions, rather than the spouse's life?