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Wendy Moulton, from Old Swan, sent | |in this picture of 16-year-old George
Nikkita Marie sent in this picture of | |Rococo, who lives in the Dingle
7million messages were sent on New Year's Eve 2001.
Each Irish mobile phone user sent an average of 65 text messages per month last year - a total of 2.
There's also a gold, emerald and ruby-studded tiara sent by the royal family of Morocco to first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and the button vest sent in 1944 to her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The refunded amount is sent from the IRS directly to the lender, rather than to the taxpayer.
Huber, said in December, owners will receive an accounting for this fiscal year and, from now on, a general accounting stating all credits and charges will be sent out twice yearly.
APM software provides the only truly effective means of assuring compliance with all forms of regulatory and business policy as they relate to electronic communications sent from E-mail and Instant Messenger applications, Bloomberg(R) and BlackBerry(R) devices, and Web browsers.
For each Registered e-Mail sent, users receive a digitally sealed receipt that allows them to prove under standards of ESIGN and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) that a message was sent, delivered, and the exact time and the precise content of the message and its attachments.