Annual report

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Annual report

Yearly record of a publicly held company's financial condition. It includes a description of the firm's operations, as well as balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement information. SEC rules require that it be distributed to all shareholders. A more detailed version is called a 10-K.

Annual Report

A report that a publicly-traded company is required to distribute to shareholders each year. The report contains information on the company's financial state, such as operational income and net profit. Sometimes, it also contains an accountant's opinion on the general health of the company. Generally, the front part of the annual report states the "bottom line," while the last part contains more detailed financial information. For example, the front part of the report may contain a brief essay stating, "Our company is healthy for reasons A, B, and C." At the conclusion of that essay, the stockholder may view its financial statements. See also: Stockholder's report.

annual report

A firm's annual statement of operating and financial results. The annual report contains an income statement, a balance sheet, a statement of changes in financial position, an auditor's report, and a summary of operations. Because many annual reports are prepared with public relations as a primary focus, serious investors should obtain a copy of a firm's 10-K in order to obtain detailed financial data.

Annual report.

By law, each publicly held corporation must provide its shareholders with an annual report showing its income and balance sheet.

In most cases, it contains not only financial details but also a message from the chairman, a description of the company's operations, and an overview of its achievements.

Most annual reports are glossy affairs that also serve as marketing pieces. Copies are generally available from the company's investor relations office, and annual reports may even appear on the company's website. The company's 10-K report is a more comprehensive look at its finances.

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Regarding our efforts to identify potential fraud, waste, and abuse within GAO, we completed action on 6 open complaints from the prior semiannual report and received 42 inquiries and allegations this reporting period through our hotline and other sources.
It was a good news/bad news situation: the semiannual report on newspaper circulation released today shows that as of March 30, there was been a drop in daily circulation of 2.
Missing data are often not discovered until the required semiannual report is in the process of being prepared.
In its semiannual report, released as Federal Reserve policy-makers met in Washington, the Institute for Supply Management said factory revenues will grow 5.
The semiannual report, required by law, does not cover the most intense period of Palestinian violence and Israeli raids and reprisals of the last two months.
For the retail stocks that had the highest percentage gains in the semiannual report, there may be other reasons behind the increases.
The IMF said in a semiannual report on the outlook of the world economy that such a surge would raise the price of oil imports paid by developed countries by $40 billion annually and will result in a corresponding trade surplus among oil exporters, especially Middle Eastern countries.
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Followed by regular session in Harris Hall, Travel Lane County semiannual report, resolution to redesignate Oakridge/Westfir enterprise zone, direction on process for appointment of sheriff.
review and transmission of the OIG~s Semiannual Report to Congress.