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The national average prices for self serve regular unleaded gasoline the past six months were: March, $1.
E-Time Self Serve Kiosk and E-Time Semi Self Serve Kiosk are now available as part of the E-Time System Suite.
E-Time Semi Self Serve can stand alone at any C-Store, allowing consumers to make product selections from an easy to use touch screen.
For C-Stores with a need for a stand-alone kiosk, the E-Time Self Serve Kiosk allows a customer the option to pay at the kiosk or print out a receipt with SKU for clerk assisted register payment.
The midweek dip bucks the recent trend in local gasoline prices and reflects a lower average than a Monday survey by the American Automobile Association that reported a self serve price of $1.
The national average for self serve regular unleaded gas, according to AAA's report, is $1.
The proprietary technology is a first in the District for self serve car companies, and it is expected to be widely used by Zipcar's 2,000 active members in the Washington area.
We're piloting this new technology to further integrate our self serve car concept with existing public transportation," explained Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith.
By using ActiveX Controls' new features for Internet applications, CDI's Self Serve Software(TM) technology enables merchants selling over the Internet to hand over credit card authorizations and other transaction tasks to CDI's Electronic Commerce Service Bureau without visibly going off-line.
If the software is copied to an unauthorized machine, the Self Serve Software server will foil the interloper by time-bombing the program or releasing it in a crippled mode predefined by the software vendor.
The 32-bit service then intuitively senses the most direct route to Self Serve Software's client server, either via modem, Internet or the user's network's connectivity path, and sends the order and encrypted credit card information to the server for processing and approval.
In addition to the upgrade services being used by McAfee, CDi's Self Serve Software service can be used for a wide variety of other applications.