self-directed IRA

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Self-directed IRA

An IRA that the account holder can after appointing a custodian manager to carry out investment instructions.

Self-Directed IRA

An IRA in which the account holder has a great deal of control over the investments made on the account. That is, either the account holder or a designated representative has the ability to make investments with the contributions made to the account. Generally speaking, a self-directed IRA exists through a brokerage, which makes investments on behalf of the account holder. The brokerage may charge an annual fee for managing a self-directed IRA in addition to the commissions it charges on the individual trades.

self-directed IRA

An individual retirement account that permits its owner to have wide latitude as to types of assets and control over the investments within the account. A self-directed IRA generally refers to IRAs established at brokerage firms in which customers may buy and sell securities. Brokerage firms frequently charge an annual fee of up to $50 in addition to commissions on any trades in an account.
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SDISI"), a fast-growing, service-oriented custodian of alternative assets held in self directed IRAs, today announced an education initiative to provide investors the tools and resources necessary to safeguard them against fraud.
Founded in 2008, SDISI has quickly grown to over $200M in alternative and traditional assets under custody in self directed IRAs.
The firm has become an industry leader in administering alternative investments for Self Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s, creating Automatic Rollover solutions, breaking new ground with integrated solutions in Health Savings Accounts, and creating unique trading platforms in Investment Advisor Services.
Over the past two years, the company has effectively administered self directed IRAs for individuals and small businesses nationwide, and now has more than $100M of alternative and traditional assets under custody.
SDIRA Services) is an IRA custodian that specializes in holding alternative and traditional assets in self directed IRAs for individuals and small businesses nationwide.
Established in 1989, PENSCO Trust Company is the country's only single-service special asset custodian for self directed IRAs, with over $1.
SDIRA Services provides administration and custody of alternative and traditional assets in self directed IRAs for individuals and small businesses nationwide.
SDIRA Services specializes in allowing a wide range of investment vehicles while offering customers the ability to rollover a 401(k), pension or retirement plan, or transfer an existing IRA into a self directed IRA, creating more flexibility and investment options for their customers.
Tempest is pleased that it was able to achieve this milestone through Lincoln Trust, who has provided trust services for over 40 years and pioneered the concept of self directed IRAs, in response to the Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA).
The new website includes updated information surrounding self directed IRAs, online forms and offers client account access.
The Entrust Group, through the custodial services of International Bank & Trust, has mitigated the deposit insurance risk of un-invested cash in clients' self directed IRAs and 401(k)s by maintaining relationships with over 100 FDIC insured U.
Most custodians do not offer the option of self directed IRAs, because they will only allow you to invest in an "approved" list of investment options, says Perry Sawano of Integrity Financial.

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