security interest

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Security interest

The creditor's right to take property or a portion of property offered as security.

Security Interest

A creditor's legal right to take possession of certain property offered as security or collateral. For example, in a margin account, the brokerage making the margin loan may require its client to deposit some or all of the borrowed securities with the brokerage. The right of the brokerage to demand that is its security interest.

security interest

Rights in property, voluntarily granted by a borrower to a lender, so that the property may serve as collateral for a loan and be subject to seizure and sale in the event of default.

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Resolved, That the House of Representatives calls on the President to work toward equitable, constructive, stable, and durable Armenian-Turkish relations for the next hundred years, based upon the two countries' common interests and the United States' significant security interests in the region.
If the sham creditors succeed, the challenged payments and security interests is declared invalid.
Then, depending on whether it is or is not, a search must be conducted of recorded security interests at the U.
24) This freedom to create non-possessory security interests is essential for a number of reasons.
So investors should be asking themselves whether it makes sense to hand over their capital to an economy where the national security interests of the nation dictate the use of balance sheets much more than the investors' needs for returns.
Indeed, the more narrowly the United States defines its national security interests, and the less engaged and entangled U.
foreign policy and national security interests with economic interests.
Ostensibly, the updated UCC code corrects the confusion that was created by the Court of Appeals in the 1977 Shor case, when it merged leasehold interests and security interests in cooperative corporations.
The new law modernizes the system of perfecting security interests, formulating clearer rules for enforcement of security interests, and setting forth new priority rules that make the laws more efficient and predictable.
The Code provides the framework to protect these security interests and provides in appropriate circumstances, for a sale that is free and clear of liens.

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