Secondary issue

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Secondary issue

(1) Procedure for selling blocks of seasoned issues of stocks. (2) More generally, sale of already issued stock.

Secondary Issue

1. The sale of a security that has already been issued. Generally speaking, it refers to any sale of a security other than transactions at the initial public offering, in the case of a stock, or the issuance, in the case of a bond.

2. The procedure followed when a firm attempts to sell more than 10,000 stocks or $200,000 worth of bonds that have previously been issued. See also: Seasoned stocks, Block.
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He said the efforts should focus on how to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine as per international resolutions, which is the main issue, and not on minor and secondary issues.
While Amazon has finished developing much of the technology for voice ID, secondary issues like (http://www.
Everyone either washed their hands or raised secondary issues as to why the protesters were dispersed, he said.
NEW DELHI -- Pakistan high commissioner in India Abdul Basit has said Kashmir is a core issue between Pakistan and India and all others including terrorism are secondary issues
The topics of culture and well-being strip-some aspects of sustainability and can be supported as secondary issues.
Any secondary issues they might seek to bring forward in the process of the negotiations will indicate nothing but the malevolent intention of the Americans," he added.
Price-hike, load-shedding and increase in power tariff have become secondary issues for the people of Pakistan as they are hardly hit by terrorism", he further said.
It achieved important consensus, pending the settlement of secondary issues, concurrently with the discussion of the Constitution article by article as of January 3, 2014.
There were secondary issues, which have been mentioned, but I don't want to take away from the fact it was our responsibility.
Successful management of these lesions requires that the original trigger event and all secondary issues like infection be identified and corrected.
It's increasingly clear that, in a risk-off environment, new issuance will have to come to market at a premium to secondary issues," Usman Ahmed, Dubai-based head of fixed income at Emirates NBD Asset Management, said by e-mail.
Additionally, the carrier must identify secondary issues affecting its business, since secondary issues cannot be ignored.

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