five-year plan

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Five-Year Plan

A multiyear plan for economic development prepared by a government. For example, a five-year plan may state the methods and the amount of development that should be experienced by the industrial sector by the end of the plan. Five-year plans were introduced in the Soviet Union and were adopted by most other 20th-century communist states. For that reason, the term is associated with command economies.

five-year plan

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It was in this context of widespread support of planning that Shenoy rose to prominence with his famous Note of Dissent (Shenoy, 2004a), in which he disagreed with the major tenets of the Second Five Year Plan.
Planning Commission, Government of India, Second Five year Plan (1956-61), available at http://planningcommission.
Art historians say there were five eras of Soviet art: The Bolshevik Era (1917-1921), the New Economic Policy (1921-1927), the First and Second Five Year Plans (1928-1937), the Great Patriotic War (1939-1945), and the Cold War (1946-1984).
In the Second Five Year Plan [Pakistan (1960)], regional development was added to employment and Village AID as a multisectoral initiative.
During the Second Five Year Plan 1960-65, a Soda Ash plant was set up near Karachi and a Caustic Soda Plant, using the electrolytic process was established near Lahore, while a capacity of about 20,000 tons per annum.
The second five year plan was chalked out at ISI under the guidance of Prof.
These observations made by Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation of Second Five Year Plan which stated: "The process of reducing inequalities is a two-fold one.

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