seasoned loan

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Seasoned Loan

A loan that has been out for at least a year in which the borrower has a good payment history. This is considered a sign that the loan is unlikely to default. They may therefore command higher prices on the secondary market.

seasoned loan

A loan that has been paid on time for a sufficient amount of time to give a lender the reasonable belief that it will continue in a like manner.

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The loan portfolio consists of seasoned loans originated before 2009.
The transaction is a two-step structured sale of seasoned loans.
Limiting the GSEs financing activities to loans that only provide new liquidity (versus the purchase of seasoned loans or loan pools), loans that can be securitized or loans for underserved market segments.
MDMC, a national mortgage loan analysis firm that specializes in providing agency delivery services to companies throughout the country, has completed an $800 million delivery consisting of more than 7,000 seasoned loans to Ginnie Mae for a major commercial bank.
Co-Marketing Agreement Gives Dealerships the Tools to Boost Profitability by Originating More Loans and Turning Seasoned Loans into Cash
Ability to analyze seasoned loans and to take into account loan payment history and house price changes since loan origination;
The group specializes in acquiring individual loans, as well as pools of seasoned loans, originated by private parties.
The mortgage loans consist of fixed-rate seasoned loans, extended to prime borrowers and are secured by first liens, primarily on one- to four-family residential properties.
2% were seasoned loans originated by Washington Mutual Bank, FA, Washington Mutual Bank fsb, Washington Mutual Bank, or an affiliate, and subsequently purchased by WMMSC.
The inclusion of these seasoned loans increases the weighted average age of the pool to eight months.
We are very encouraged that the company has been able to grow substantially and generate increased earnings in today's interest rate environment where spreads have generally narrowed and seasoned loans have paid off at record levels.
The inclusion of these seasoned loans increases the weighted average age of the pool to 8 months, the highest seasoning among recent ACF securitizations, along with 2003-C-F.