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Ahmad Sheikh al-Saroujah of Jordan spoke about benefits of translation because it enables translators to acknowledge scientific terms, improve their skills and ability to write and master Arabic language in addition to ability to deal with Arabic and foreign languages.
HELP Science will use research-based, multimedia lessons that make scientific terms and concepts more understandable, therefore reducing the language obstacle.
It has a vocabulary composed of scientific terms, a jargon that is theirs alone, and a series of phrases with hidden double meanings.
From maps demonstrating species distribution patterns to articles that survey conservation issues and mammal natural history, the set seeks to clarify scientific terms and perspectives and will prove a delightful resource for any student of natural history.
A glossary and index makes finding animals easy, and scientific terms are printed in bold type for easy recognition.
The author also thoughtfully includes a glossary of electrical, magnetic, and scientific terms for those of us have studiously avoided such things over the years.
She may well be interested to know that "smoking" is deemed by the BMA not to be a cause of death as there never has been a definitive "causal link" reaching the 300pc required in scientific terms to show absolute cause and effect.
Yet there is something about it that I cannot account for in scientific terms alone - the phenomenon of consciousness.
In scientific terms, it represents the equivalent of Alan Shearer coming back to sign for Newcastle United.
Can they be expressed in scientific terms in the form of generalizations and law-like statements?
The answer to the first question should be clear; in scientific terms, A Mind at a Time and The Myth of Laziness are riddled with error.
With great illustrations and photographs and clear explanations of hundreds of scientific terms, this book is a definite must-have for your reference library.

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