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However, with only eight trading days left this year, investors wonder whether this bullish trend will sustain for a Santa Claus rally this time around.
After two incredible years for US equities, I remain cautious after the most frenzied Santa Claus rally of my life.
The reason that the end of the year numbers look better than the rest is in large part down to December -- the Santa Claus rally.
Unless there is a sea-change in sentiment over the course of the next two trading sessions, it looks as if we'll be able to say there was indeed a Santa Claus rally.
A SEASONAL Santa Claus rally looks on the cards after the FTSE 100 hit a new four-year high last night.
Also how real this Santa Claus rally in the United States is,'' he said.
This hardly amounts to a Santa Claus rally, though, and that recent yield-curve inversion doesn't bode well.
CHICAGO -- Dennis Slothower, editor of the Stealth Stocks newsletter, outlines the fundamental changes that are necessary in order to increase the prospects of a Santa Claus rally.
In terms of a Santa Claus rally, though, the fair value of the S&P 500 fell from around 2070 to 2000 with the Energy and Materials cuts.
A Santa Claus rally appears on the cards," Wilkinson said.

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