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1. See: Swap.

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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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Because a switch must receive and analyze all incoming packets to determine packet routing, a switch in the shelf packaging of a storage server is in an ideal position to know that a disk is violating low level bus standards.
Understand the relative magnitudes of the key barriers and drivers for switching, and the savings necessary to prompt consumers to switch.
Fortunately, a new switch class was recently introduced to the SAN--the Loop Switch.
3Com rose to the challenge of developing an outstanding LAN switch that delivers the high performance and enterprise-class features necessary for supporting and enhancing application performance, while at the same time maintaining the standards-based approach that truly benefits enterprise customers," said Kevin Tolly, president/CEO and founder of The Tolly Group.
However, whether a device runs private or that the driver, which controls that device, determines the public loop, many devices have been upgraded via new drivers to run public loop with a switch.
The ability of the Switch 4500 to recognize any VoIP service provides unique value to customers who prefer best-of-breed technology for converged solutions.
They can be used in single chip designs, in back-to-back mode, or with external switching fabric components via the CSIX common switch interface standard.
We continue to deliver on our promise to keep our customers competitive by offering highly integrated switch SoCs and software solutions that support the latest standards and advanced features required by today's networks," said Claus Stetter, product line director for Vitesse's Ethernet Products Division.
With a SAN switch management system, access can be granted or denied to different types of users.
6 Sub-Committee is made of members from the semiconductor, board, system integrator and system vendor arenas, which represents broad interest and support of AMCC's switch base specification proposal for the PICMG 3.
Provides simplified coordination of switch, router, and load-balancing functionality
At their best in challenging, high-traffic environments, the SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 race ahead of the pack with switching capacity as high as 156Gbps for the 48-port switch and 108Gbps for the 24-port version.