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Self-regulatory organization (SRO)

Organizations that enforce fair, ethical, and efficient practices in the securities and commodity futures industries, including all national securities and commodities exchanges and the NASD.

Self-Regulatory Organization

A professional organization, unaffiliated with a government, having certain, limited regulatory authority over members. An example is the American Dental Association, which has the ability to set standards and enforce discipline over dentists in the United States. In trading, most exchanges are self-regulatory organizations, as are trading-related professional organizations. SROs assist the SEC and government regulators in the maintenance of operating standards and the arbitration of disputes. See also: SICA.


Self-regulatory organization (SRO).

All securities and commodities exchanges in the United States are self-regulatory organizations (SROs), as is NASD.

These bodies establish the standards under which their members conduct business, monitor the way that business is conducted, and enforce their own rules.

For example, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) requires that client orders delivered to the floor of the exchange be filled before orders that originate with traders on the floor, who buy and sell for their own accounts.






See single-room occupancy.

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They said that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had won the confidence of private sector by issuing directions for the suspension of the SRO and the decision would go a long way in the promotion of economic activities in the country.
What has been absent from the contact center industry for far too long, says the ATA, is an centralized measuring tool whereby managers can ensure that their operations are effectively risk managed by both self assessment and independent auditors; these two stages that are inherent in the ATA SRO audit process.
SRO programs can save time for individual bureaus within an agency.
The survey shows that more than 97 percent of SROs carry firearms.
2131, the Board views the restrictions on the authority of SROs to impose margin requirements on their members as fundamentally inconsistent with prudential objectives.
Stewart Horejsi, spokesperson for the trust, stated that, "The trust continues to receive inquiries from fellow stockholders of SRO as to why Deutsche Asset Management, Inc.
FCCI President Engineer Suhail Bin Rashid addressing a pre-budget seminar said that SRO Culture needs to be discouraged which forms a sort of mini-budgets as SROs are issued frequently after the final budget announced by the Federal Government.
However, SRO says it is keen to minimise land acquisition in urban areas.
Announcing the extension, SRO president Abdulaziz Al Hokail said the decision was taken after a number of consortia requested for an extension for the period granted to them to submit their technical and financial proposals.
Policing in Schools lays out a framework that establishes an SRO's role in a school as promoting the school's educational mission by enhancing safety, not punishing students, and that expects the SRO to make use of nonpunitive techniques as much as possible to accomplish this.
A primary tool that SEC uses to assess the adequacy of SRO oversight of broker-dealers offering mutual funds provides limited information for achieving its objective and imposes duplicative costs on firms.