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Ultimately, SRA tailors a package of services that meets the requirements of each client.
The DNAnexus SRA website is an example of a 'big data' initiative that benefits from rethinking the interface in a 100% web-enabled world," said Eric Morse, head of business development, Google Cloud Storage.
In addition, documents filed with the SEC by SRA will be available free of charge from SRA International, Inc.
If you own stock in SRA and would like more information about your shareholder rights, please contact Gregory E.
SRA's Board of Directors - acting upon the recommendation of a Special Committee consisting of independent and disinterested Directors and in conjunction with the Special Committee's outside financial and legal advisors - unanimously approved the transaction and recommended that SRA shareholders approve the transaction, with SRA Founder and Chairman Dr.
NEW YORK -- Tripp Levy PLLC, a leading national securities law firm, announces an investigation into the proposed acquisition of SRA International, Inc.
DALLAS -- Kendall Law Group, led by former federal judge Joe Kendall, is investigating SRA International, Inc.
Under the terms of the contract, SRA will compete for task orders to meet current and future Army Intelligence, Security, and Information Operations requirements by providing support in the following areas: (1) intelligence and security operations; (2) information operations; (3) mission support for facilities management, logistics, training, and intelligence systems support; and (4) sustainment services -- including program management, strategic planning, administrative and requirements analysis services.
The investigation involves whether the Board of Directors of SRA breached their fiduciary duties to SRA stockholders by failing to adequately shop the Company before agreeing to enter into the transaction and whether SRA has disclosed all material information to shareholders about the proposed transaction.