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Munificence generally had a positive effect on performances, supporting the representation of environments by SMSAs.
Hamilton and Rytina, for example, had 391 respondents in the Boston SMSA match hypothetical crimes with punishments in face-to-face interviews.
4 The minimum wage in the SMSA where the data were collected in 1990 was $3.
A SMSA is a "single county area or group of contiguous counties that includes at least one |central city' of 50,000 inhabitants or in some instances contiguous twin cities that together meet this population minimum.
where SMSA Comp is the total wage for banks in the SMSA and the remaining variable abbreviations are generally the same as those described for Equation (1).
Growth of HMOs in an SMSA was associated with fewer admissions to hospitals but higher hospital expenses.
8% interest in the Cincinnati SMSA Limited Partnership and its 45.
The SMSA will analyze traffic collisions, identify contributing factors or patterns, recommend improvements, develop cost estimates, and prioritization for improvements.
The Sports Loyalty Engagement Index provides a direct comparison of the intensity with which fans within the team's SMSA support the home team versus corresponding values for fans of other teams in the market.
The three non-performance variables specified in each salary equation are years in the majors, population of the SMSA in which the player's team is located, and NL (a dummy variable equal to one if the team plays in the National League).
it] matrix includes variables that control for team profitability, including the logarithms of SMSA real per-capita income and population in each team's home metropolitan area, both of which control for revenue potential and team payroll costs.
SMSA location exercises a negative impact on voter turnout according to Table 2, columns 2 and 3, but although negative, it is not quite significant at the 10% level in Table 2, columns 4 and 5.