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Answering a question about progress of SAARC CCI towards integration of economy in South Asia, he said he is always optimistic about bright future of South Asia despite this fact that SAARC has taken small steps at a time there has never been a case of looking back.
Amjad Hussain who belongs to Pakistan's Foreign Service and was appointed Secretary General SAARC in 2017 at the current chair Nepal, updated the Prime Minister on the recent activities of SAARC.
Abbasi said that Pakistan, at all meetings of the SAARC, had advanced its belief that a secure and peaceful environment in South Asia was crucial for the advancement of region's development and prosperity.
Furthermore, the SAARC delegates will visit the SAARC CCI building site and witness the project construction progress.
The SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been facilitating and promoting trade, service, industry, Small and Medium Enterprise, agriculture in the SAARC region through creating strong business linkages among the entrepreneurs of the of South Asia.
However, I wish to underscore that SAARC does enjoy the commitment and support from the highest political leadership of the region, namely, the SAARC heads of state or government, who essentially embody hopes and aspirations of their peoples.
A meeting between SAARC outside clergymen was held in Pokhara, Nepal.
The SAARC member countries were facing power shortages despite the fact that the region has the potential to generate cheap and clean energy.
Since its establishment in 1985, the SAARC process has grown from strength to strength based on our shared values, beliefs and objectives.
Asserting that the SAARC region has immense growth potential, which till date has not been fully utilized, Sahai said: "If it could be fully utilized in all possible ways, the SAARC region has the potential to steer the economy of the world.
In the past 26 years, owing to joint efforts of member countries, SAARC has made some progress, and a commendable achievement in reducing widespread poverty, strengthening energy cooperation, food security, promoting trade, improving social welfare, providing educational opportunities, increasing personnel exchanges, and fighting against terrorism.
This is evident from the fact that the SAARC countries are attracting major countries from around the world," Sayeed said.