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S Corporation

A business with few shareholders that is exempt from some taxes levied on other corporations. Specifically, an S corporation is not responsible for taxes on its profits (corporate taxes) and is taxed as if it were a partnership. However, it may have no more than 100 shareholders. An S corporate structure allows a company to take advantage of some of the benefits of incorporation without all of the responsibilities attached to it.


See subchapter S-corporation.

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They really get whacked by the S-corporation classification," Funk said.
Attorney-at-law Daniel Sitarz presents the newly updated fourth edition of S-Corporation Small Business Start-up Kit, an easy-to-use guide to beginning an American business as an S-Corporation, and now in a completely updated fourth edition, S-Corporation Small Business Start-up Kit is valid in all fifty states and Washington D.
Riddle said Seneca Jones, as an S-corporation, passes all its profits to owner and Eugene resident Aaron Jones and his family.
Does an S-Corporation have to have at least one "employee" for employment tax purposes?
The sharp increase in S-corporation income just after TRA 1986 certainly reflects in large part a shift in the status of corporations from C to S status to take advantage of the lower individual rates.
The decision of Information Systems & Network S-Corporation v.
For example, Wieder recently assisted a client in securing substantial capital gains versus ordinary income on a condominium development, overcoming tax issues on the sale of a hotel by an S-corporation that elected S status less than 10 years prior.
For example, if there is a rejection for a large S-Corporation with many shareholders, it may take some time to correct issues that occur.
an Alaska S-Corporation and residential builder based in Anchorage, will initially be the primary outlet for BCI's modular homes.
The plan would enable small-business owners, including partners and S-corporation stockholders who own more than 2 percent of the stock, to participate in a cafeteria plan if they worked in the business.
describe the impact of financing feedback on financial statements for an S-Corporation and C-Corporation
Now in its second edition, S-Corporation Small Business Start-Up Kit presents a straightforward, no-nonsense walkthrough of the steps for setting up an S-Corporation.