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While one side of these coins features a hand-polished maple leaf design by Royal Canadian Mint artist and engraver Stan Witten, the other bears the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by celebrated Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt.
AoThe medals are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa, which bought metal from Teck valued at about $1.
With an undulating design to represent the sea, mountains and snow of British Columbia, the undertaking truly tested the metal of the 34 engineers, machinists, engravers, die technicians and production experts at the Royal Canadian Mint who were tasked with developing the technology behind the concept.
royal canadian mint displays the world's purest, largest and highest denomination gold coin in the uae
The pizza-sized 220lb coin is one of a handful produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and is the first to be publicly sold.
A handful of the huge discs were crafted by the Royal Canadian Mint but this will be the first to be publicly offered for sale.
The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled a welcome addition to any piggy bank - a monster gold coin with a face value of CEUR1 million (about pounds 454,000) that it says is the world's biggest, purest and highest denomination coin.
15 gold pour yielded a gold bar weighing 530 ounces which was shipped to the Royal Canadian Mint for refining and final determination of gold content.
The Reserve Bank announced today that it has selected the Royal Canadian Mint to mint New Zealand's new low-value coins.
Pop princess Britney Spears reportedly threw a milkshake at photographers as she flat out "refused" to comment on whether she was pregnant, and she was joined in her refusal by the Royal Canadian Mint and 53 other sources who, one assumes, held on to their milkshakes.
The museum's director, Mark Mauthner, did a remarkable job of assembling support for his show; among the contributors were Barrick Gold, Homestake Mining, Placer Dome, Newmont Mining, Teck, the World Gold Council, the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Royal Canadian Mint, N.
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