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Based on witness accounts and other information, investigators initially believed that the SUV had been abandoned on the freeway's right shoulder on an incline and rolled backward across lanes.
A woman fell and suffered a head injury when she tried to hop into her vehicle and stop it before it rolled backward along a residential street off Willakenzie Road in north Eugene on Wednesday, police said.
color) Kevin Cabrera, 12, died after a new car purchased for his mom rolled backward and pinned him against a curb.
Authorities say she was similarly inebriated 22 hours later when the pickup truck she was driving rolled backward into a Eugene police car during a traffic stop.
An 80-year-old Panorama City woman's car hit and killed her Friday morning when it rolled backward in her driveway, struck her a first time, caused her to roll down the driveway and then continued full circle and struck her again, authorities said.
Although the pickup's emergency brake was engaged, the vehicle rolled backward onto Martin when he inadvertently clicked it into reverse.
They returned and were enjoying a goodnight kiss at the door when John's car, the brake improperly set or not set at all, rolled backward into the hosts' swimming pool.
The shot landed about eight feet past the hole and rolled backward into the cup.
ONTARIO - A truck driver died in a parking lot in this town near the Idaho border when his 13-year-old son started the engine to get air conditioning and the vehicle rolled backward, police said.
The vehicle rolled backward across the street and collided with a planter and mailbox, Lee said.
Police say he either didn't set his brakes or they failed, and the truck rolled backward, its rear wheels sliding into a ditch.
While working on the car, the rod rolled backward over him, pinning him to the ground and crushing his right leg.