rocket scientist

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Rocket scientist

An employee of an investment firm (often having a Ph.D. in physics or mathematics) that works on highly mathmatic models of derivative pricing.


Informal for a quantitative analyst. It is more generally applied to any securities analyst who uses quantitative analysis to determine buy or sell signals. Investment advisory firms employ quants to help them make investment decisions on behalf of clients. A quant is also called a rocket scientist. See also: Technical analysis.

rocket scientist

See quant.
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To publicise the competition and promote interest in science, two rocket scientists from Nasa, Brian Emond and Joe Delai, visited Welsh schools.
The 12-year-olds were being transformed into rocket scientists this week after be ing chosen for training by the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that parcel taxes are highly regressive.
He is a former rocket scientist dedicating his life to helping people live happier and healthier lives.
He has considered becoming a politician, doctor or rocket scientist after college.
You don't need to be a rocket scientist for some calculations to see where we are heading.
We hired Douglas Booth Architects because, from the start, the team was confident, creative and collaborative," said Lance Winters, Rocket Scientist, Master Distiller and St.
Students paid rapt attention as rocket scientist Trong Bui told of his research work on several projects at NASA Dryden, including his investigation of aerospike rocket engine nozzles.
com, is a premium chocolate company started by Pete Slosberg, the man who made microbreweries famous with Pete's Wicked Ale (since sold), and who literally started his career as a rocket scientist.
In 1960, she dropped out of college to work as a secretary for Edwards Air Force Base's space program, handling correspondence between rocket scientist Werner Von Braun and her supervisors.
Set against the current east-west pull of political allegiances in the Ukraine, it does not take a Russian rocket scientist to understand the enthusiasm with which Russia is moving to invest in projects in the central Asian states.
Brent, a former rocket scientist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, bought The Nutty Bavarian from a friend four years ago in a dramatic career change.