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A negative impact on one or more of a firm's existing assets.


1. The gradual loss of an asset's value. See also: Depreciation.

2. The wearing away of real estate caused by natural events. For example, a rising sea level may erode a beach front property. Erosion can reduce the property's value.


The slow wearing away by natural forces such as water and wind.

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Climate variability will accentuate the intrinsic risks facing coastal Bangladesh, said Mr Sarafat Hossain Khan, CEIP-1 Project Director of the Bangladesh Water Development Board, These risks span cyclones and storm surges, river bank erosion and vulnerability of islands and chars, sea level rise, saline water intrusion, and coastal river erosion.
Sultan city on the other hand got hit by flood due to river erosion.
Country is vulnerable to disaster risks from a range of hazards including avalanches, cyclones/storms, droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, glacial lake outbursts, landslides, pest attacks, river erosion and tsunami, he said while referring to weather experts.
On his part, the confident aspirant of a parliamentary seat meets the villagers, discusses about their problems such as unemployment, lack of electricity and irrigation facilities and also river erosion among others.