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Lipstick Killers Collection is a line designed for the fierce and fearless woman, a risktaker, and hustler.
Last year he was honored with the Sundance Institute's Risktaker Award and PEN American Center's Lifetime Achievement Award.
RISKTAKER equals one for all respondents indicating that they are willing to take average, above average, or substantial financial risks and zero for those indicating that they are unwilling to take any financial risk.
Among the most common phrases used by the interviewees to describe the requirements for their current posts is "being a risktaker.
At very worst, the risktaker must expect not to be punished.
Determined not to let the sinking ship become a wreck, risktaker Paul Lewis decided to take the plunge and buy the iconic store in a bid to turn its fortunes around.
Being a bit of a risktaker to be able to bring about change and modernise services so that they meet the needs of the public, rather than just maintaining the status quo, can make a big difference for everyone.
Dr Stephen Whitehead is trying to tell us there are 27 distinct types of men - everything from the Cool Poseur through Alpha Male and Risktaker to the Trainspotter.
If he never took a risk, you will either add what's missing and be a risktaker or follow his path and avoid them.