Risky asset

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Risky asset

An asset whose future return is uncertain.

Risky Asset

An investment with a return that is not guaranteed. Assets carry varying levels of risk. For example, holding a corporate bond is generally less risky than holding a stock. Government bonds are generally not considered risky assets. A risky asset should not be confused with a risk asset.
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Higher risk assets, such as undeveloped land and unconsolidated joint ventures will receive higher equity capital charges commensurate with their additional levels of risk.
Fitch requires a more significant level of capital against RGF's higher risk assets, such as capitalized mortgage servicing rights and IOs.
Fitch requires a more significant level of capital against Doral's higher risk assets, such as capitalized mortgage servicing rights and interest-only securities.
All risk assets - IGC 63678850F1,- Lot 3 RCA / ARD on the payroll - CIG 636788836A,- Lot 4.
It's an environment where risk assets should continue to be supported, that means it would be a growth environment, which would be helpful for risk assets.
One day oil goes up $1 and risk assets rally, the next day oil goes down $1 and risk assets sell off,'' said Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist in Philadelphia at Janney Capital Management LLC, which oversees about $68 billion in assets.
Summary: The rupee closed in on its record low on Wednesday morning as rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and the possibility of a withdrawal of monetary stimulus by the US Federal Reserve roiled risk assets.
Risk assets with the Pacific Rim markets in the lead were moderately up on Thursday morning on the noticeable US indices' strengthening after relieving Fed head's comments and upbeat results of yesterday's auction in Italy that slightly eased investors' fears over the national debt market prospects.
At the same time, better-than-expected economic data from Germany helped risk assets move up in thin volumes yesterday.
There appears to be "sell the rally" behaviour to the EUR/USD exchange rate for the past few months and a strong correlation between a rising Euro and a rise in risk assets like equities and commodities, whilst days on which the Euro falls tends to drive a fall in equities and commodities.
IF the US defaults materially on its debt, the outlook is clear: risk assets will fall, a lot, and only the safest of safe havens will perform.
The essence of the piece was that we thought risk assets would likely resume their uptrend after gaining fundamental support from much better than expected April employment data.

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