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A form accompanying an insurance policy that alters the policy's terms or coverage.


An amendment to a document, especially an insurance policy. More formally, it is called an endorsement. The insurance company may issue the rider to change the terms of coverage, or the policyholder may do so, especially to add a family member to the policy. Generally, riders increase coverage in exchange for higher premiums.


A rider is a modification to an insurance policy that typically adds a new coverage or higher coverage in return for higher premiums.

For example, you might add a rider to your life insurance policy to provide coverage for your spouse, or a rider to your homeowners policy to provide additional liability insurance for a specific event. Dental care and prescription insurance are typical riders on health insurance policies.


(1) An amendment or attachment to a contract. (2) Commonly used to indicate additional terms or coverages for standard insurance contracts.

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551m riders used public transport means in Dubai and taxis in 2017.
He further added that the number of riders using the Red Line during the first half of this year clocked 55,783,626 riders, up from the figure recorded during the same period last year which was 51,799,232 riders.
The three most talented riders (one per discipline) will be selected to attend a national two-day camp at Somerford Park Farm, Cheshire in the summer.
Ohio National Financial Services in November 2006 strengthened its ONcore VA rider lineup with two new Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit Plus riders and an Annual Reset Death Benefit Rider.
But the Bus Riders Union -- which last month asked the federal court to extend the decree for an additional four years -- argues that buses used by the urban poor remain crowded and the MTA needs to add at least 300 buses and 250 drivers to be in compliance.
Common riders such as waiver of premium, guaranteed insurability options, accidental death and dismemberment, and term riders have been around the industry for a long time.
In high school, when Jake Reitan first learned of the 1960s' Freedom Riders, he was in awe.
For three years now, Providence Marianwood has hosted the Eastside Harley Owners Group, an enthusiastic collection of riders who devote two days a year to the facility residents.
As the rides kicked off last summer, 18 buses with 900 riders from 50 nations stopped in 103 cities and covered 20,000 miles.
The World Trade Center Station also has averaged more than 30,000 weekday PATH riders since January 15--and topped 30,000 riders seven times between January 20 and 30.
Beginners start with one-on-one lessons, and advanced classes have a maximum of four riders.
The Pony Express, utilizing horses and riders, cut that time by 10 days.