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Hanke, an economist at Johns Hopkins University, said that in Iran's case, limiting the amount of rials in circulation "would solve the biggest problem they have: inflation".
Monday's black market dollar price was 80 per cent more than the central bank's official "reference rate" of 11,300 rials -- a rate not available to normal Iranians or most importers.
Before the Islamic Revolution, the exchange rate was approximately 70 rials to the dollar, but the rial depreciated significantly due to capital flight after the revolution.
The dollar sold for 12,250 rials in the open market.
Rial told viewers to ignore the sirens and claims from other news sources about tornadoes in the area.
Last week, UANI launched its Rial Currency Printing Campaign, and announced the results of an investigation into KBA and other multinational companies that help Iran produce its currency, the rial.
21m rials in the first quarter of 2014, compared to the same quarter last year.
At the end of November, narrow money supply stood at 778 billion rials, while broad money stood at 2 trillion rials.
Nine injections into the market have been unable to stop the continuous fall of the rial this year, which has fallen almost 16 percent from a level of 208 against the dollar mid-January.
Rial will travel to New Orleans for a chance to kick a field goal and win $1,000,000.
While Iran continues to suffer from the dramatic fall of the rial and hyperinflation, some international companies continue to assist the regime and its Central Bank in printing and maintaining the rial's efficacy.
The new rate is still far stronger than the value of the rial in Iran's unofficial market of small currency traders, where most Iranians can access hard currency.