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New theories: Appeals can raise new theories supporting Examination's adjustment and correct computational errors in the revenue agent's report (Appeals AJAC FAQ_Nos.
In this instance, if the taxpayer has cooperated with all information document requests (IDRs) and provided all requested information, and Examination has poorly developed the case or failed to support conclusions in the revenue agent's report, Appeals can take the case "as is" and resolve it without seeking any additional information or analysis.
The date of issuance of the revenue agent's report and the post-examination critique.
The 60-day letter is generally accompanied by a copy of the revenue agent's report, outlining the Service's position concerning the proposed adjustments.
For example, assume the taxpayer receives a Revenue Agent's Report (30- day letter) for $225,000, and that it pays $135,000 of that amount within 30 days.
Similarly, TEI recommends that the final regulations confirm that hot interest will not accrue with respect to issues raised in a supplemental Revenue Agent's Report until 30-days after the issuance of the supplemental report.
Unfortunately, the revenue agent's report makes no mention of the position.
Retain the current rule requiring protests to be filed within 30 days of the issuance of a Revenue Agent's Report.
In addition, the taxpayer will have to pay the assessed tax either with the Revenue Agent's Report or on or before the last day of the quarter in which the assessment is agreed to.
Although time did not permit a detailed discussion of the return-on-investment (ROI) issue during our Denver meeting, Linda Burke made a critical observation that bears repeating: ROI should not be the predominant measurement factor and, to the extent it is taken into account, the measurement point should not be the date the Revenue Agent's Report is issued, but rather the end of the administrative (or perhaps even the litigating) process.
Comparison of salaries with distributions: A typical component of the revenue agent's report is the taxpayer's dividend history (or lack thereof), along with the regulations under Secs.