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Adjusted amounts for operating income, operating income as a percentage of net revenues and net income attributable to Quest Diagnostics represent the company's results before the impact of special items, such as the gain on contribution of business to clinical trials joint venture, charges on retirement of debt and related refinancing charges, restructuring and integration charges, charges in equity in earnings of equity method investees and other items.
The Company expects to recognize an approximate $4 million loss on the early retirement of debt in the fourth quarter of 2008, mostly related to defeasance and other transaction costs.
C section 1271(a)(1) provides that retirement of debt instruments are exchanges.
Examples of qualifying interruptions would include child-rearing; an incapacitating illness or injury of the candidate, spouse, partner, or a member of the immediate family; relocation to accommodate a spouse, partner, or other close family member; pursuit of nonresearch endeavors that would permit earlier retirement of debt incurred in obtaining a doctoral degree; and military service.
Top US defence contractor Lockheed Martin Corporation, working with a number of West Midlands firms on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project, yesterday reported third-quarter earnings fell 25 per cent following a charge for the early retirement of debt.
Year-ago results for both periods include a one-time loss of $225,000 from the early retirement of debt.
a Chatsworth-based maker of computer chip manufacturing equipment, expects to incur a significant loss in the second quarter because of charges related to the acquisition of Electrotech Group and an $850,000 expense for the early retirement of debt.
for the third quarter of 2012 is anticipated to be approximately $360 million, compared to $61 million in the third quarter of 2011, which included pretax losses on retirement of debt of $406 million ($256 million net-of-tax or $0.
Reported cash provided by operations in the second quarter of 2015 was $275 million and was negatively impacted by after tax cash charges of $49 million associated with the early retirement of debt in connection with the company's debt refinancing.
There was no penalty incurred as a result of the early retirement of debt.
15 per diluted share impact from gains related to early retirement of debt.
Excluding the loss related to the early retirement of debt and the related tax effect, adjusted income per common share was $0.
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