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The place where a person lives most of the time. A residence may be eligible for certain tax breaks. For example, one may be able to write off the interest on a mortgage on a primary residence. Various rules exist to determine what constitutes one's residence for tax purposes.


The place where one lives.

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Launched in 2009, Sun Residences is a two-tower, 43-story development that offers studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units with unit prices ranging from P1.
The prime minister's main residence is usually referred to by its street address.
2005-74 provided guidance on whether to treat such transactions as (1) a single sale of the residence from the employee to a third-party buyer or (2) two separate sales transactions--a sale of the residence to an RSC (acting as the employer's agent) and a sale by the RSC to a third party.
Residences enjoy the luxury of outdoor space with most featuring translucent, glass balconies and rich Ipe hardwood decks.
Taxpayers not meeting the strict occupancy and use requirements described above still may qualify for a reduced maximum exclusion if the residence sale or exchange was due to a change in place of employment, health or unforeseen circumstances; final regulations issued in 2004 explain how and when sellers may qualify and provide safe harbors.
A five-bedroom house built in the 19th century, it is part of a complex of dwellings that includes residences for the suffragan bishop and the cathedral's dean.
A veteran of Miami's property development market, Lamondin and Cornerstone Group principals Stuart Meyers and Jorge Lopez have begun construction on Vue Residences & Beach Club in Ft.
121(c), a reduced maximum exclusion is available if a taxpayer sold or exchanged property owned and used as his principal residence for less than two of the preceding five years or excluded gain on a principal residence within the preceding two years.
From my experience, education, training and/or study, I know it to be quite common for those involved in the illegal trafficking/furnishing of scheduled drugs to possess, maintain and keep with them, near them, and/or in their residences business records and journals relating to the trafficking and/or furnishing of scheduled drugs.
The population studied was staff employed in twenty-five community residences within two service systems located in Michigan.
W Hotel & Residences also offers an around-the-clock doorman and concierge service; a spacious W living room with bar; an on-site restaurant; a themed bar; a Bliss spa for ultimate relaxation; a convenient W Store; a business center for meetings or those working from home; a fitness center with steam room; housekeeping; and valet parking.