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RES Workspace Manager 2012 is part of RES Dynamic Desktop Studio, which improves the Windows experience with simplified management and context-aware services supported by a highly automated infrastructure fabric and personal self-service catalog.
Finally, RES Labs, a specialized research group based in the Netherlands, is continually evaluating emerging technologies and developing new products to meet the challenges of IT managers.
The need for RES Software technologies was validated by Microsoft's recent announcement of User Experience Virtualization - a future development that closes a gap in Microsoft technology.
By working closely with RES Software to enable out-of-the-box integration of RES Workspace Manager with CloudPortal Services Manager, together we are enabling service providers to manage personalization for their customers' user base as well as leverage context aware settings to restrict application and data access.
At Aintree NHS, RES Dynamic Desktop Studio gives each user their own personalized desktop experience wherever they happen to be within the Trust.
View the Webinar: Intel and RES Software: Understanding Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops
Our customers and partners continually tell us that RES is by far the easiest workspace management and IT automation platform that they use.
RES is thrilled to be invited to join the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center, and we see it as a great next step in our strategic partnership with Microsoft," said Bob Janssen, CTO and Co-founder of RES Software.
RES Dynamic Desktop Studio offers the full functionality of both RES Workspace Manager and RES Automation Manager.
RES Automation Manager, proven to reduce resources expended by IT, will now include the RES Service Orchestration Module.
BERLIN -- RES Softwaretoday announced RES Dynamic Desktop Studio, a software suite developed to help organizations move towards more strategic and cost effective IT as a Service models.