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request for proposal (RFP)

Ideally, a tightly written list of requirements and specifications upon which contractors, vendors, or service providers are invited to place bids. The goal is to write the specifications in such a manner that bids can be compared equally, without making adjustments among them. For example, an RFP for floor covering might specify the exact maker and pattern name for a carpet,or it might specify a generic carpet of a certain weight,with or without a pattern, and with or without a pad of a specified thickness. It would include scale drawings of the space to be carpeted so that waste could be calculated,and it would include special instructions such as the need for installation to take place between certain dates or over a weekend.
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NV Energy requests that all parties interested in becoming a bidder for this RFP should complete and submit a Bidder's Registration and Contact Information Form that can be found on the company's website C NV Energy Renewable Energy Request For Proposals
The request for proposals for the race teams requires a deposit of $100,000, held in escrow, for one of the race planes.
The request for proposals aims at establishing one nondiscretionary alternative investment advisors in each of three global regions:
The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to obtain competitive sealed proposals from Vendors/Contractors to provide the final design; materials, products and equipment; fabrication; and installation of drive-in pallet rack in portions of Warehouse E at the Port of Wilmington located in Wilmington, Delaware as further described in this Request for Proposals (RFP).
Since the unveiling of the full-disk encryption request for proposals, we have been working with Utimaco to meet government requirements and deadlines.
It Should Also Specify An Approach That Will Meet The Request For Proposals Requirements.
Burden announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) for planning and design services in Long Island City for pedestrian, bicycle and bus connections between the neighborhoods, offices, retailers and cultural institutions.
Brown, the city's attorney, said barring a court order, the city intends to proceed with a new request for proposals, and to move ahead with the selection process.
for acceleration, remediation, and credit recovery (ARC Program) in response to a district request for proposals.
The LMDC and City Planning have issued a Request for Proposals seeking consultants to conduct the study.
CCA intends to submit a proposal for the use of the California City prison in response to a request for proposals for beds to house low-security-risk inmates who are not U.
A copy of the request for proposals is available on the CalSTRS Web site at www.

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