Replacement cycle

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Replacement cycle

The frequency with which an asset is replaced by an equivalent asset.

Replacement Cycle

A period of time between the purchase of an asset and its replacement with an equivalent asset. The replacement may be the result of the end of the asset's absolute physical life or its obsolescence or some other reason. It is especially important in the information technology industry in which improvements occur with (sometimes variable) frequency. See also: Depreciation.
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ABI Research attributes the general decline over the past two years to two culprits: decreased demand for branded tablets in advanced market economies due to saturation, slow replacement cycles, greater influence of business purchases, and substitution; and lower sales in China and other Asian markets for white box tablets due to shifts to branded tablets, as well as reliance on smartphones and phablets.
We work with an increasing number of fleets who would like to move away from traditional three year/60,000 or four year/80,000 replacement cycles and adopt a more flexible approach based on real world factors.
In order to increase the replacement cycles, the PC and notebook segment needs to redefine its user experience, focus on lighter weight and longer battery life.
Industry fortunes will improve along with the economy during the next few years with the help of low interest rates, greater policy clarity and postponed replacement cycles.
To reduce the number of replacement cycles, the mine installed NanoSteel SHS 9700 overlay wear plates in place of the Brinell 500 plates.
This special CNME survey is being done to understand the regional requirements and key drivers for ERP deployments and replacement cycles.
Los Altos, CA -- Slowing GDP gains will have a domino effect on electronics equipment demand, with replacement cycles losing momentum, according to a June research report.
The study shows that financing methods such as all-embracing service contracts and leasing deals are being used to finance IT investments against the background of shortening IT replacement cycles.
Machine replacement cycles should be planned so newer machines with higher availability will be put into the most critical, high-productivity areas.
With new car sales in the UK interminably locked into replacement cycles, European car bosses urgently need a new and untapped market.
Once on two to three year replacement cycles, many high schools are now on six to eight year cycles.
With little overall growth in technology spending in the corporate sector, lagging PC replacement cycles, and no major upgrade from Microsoft, there was little reason for optimism in 2002-and, not surprisingly, there was none.

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