Replacement value

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Replacement value

Current cost of replacing the firm's assets.

Replacement Value

The cost of replacing an asset in the case that it is damaged or destroyed. That is, the replacement value changes according to the market value of the asset. An individual or company may buy a replacement cost insurance policy to cover the replacement value. It is also called the replacement cost.
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Please advise when, if ever, replacement costs are owed for other structures that are not buildings, like awnings, fences, sheds, pool equipment, or water tank equipment.
Upon completion of repairs, in October 2010, Executive Plaza demanded payment of the unpaid portion of the policy limits to cover the promised replacement costs.
In its report, AWWA analyzed life expectancy of water main pipes, timing of the installation and replacement costs, among other things.
System renewal costs differ from system replacement costs, and have additional adjustment factors, for two reasons: partial replacement (percent of base renewed) and demolition and disposal.
Companies that estimate replacement costs as part of the underwriting process can easily capture the data required for sound catastrophe risk modeling through the underwriting process.
The Hartford Financial Services Group has begun using 360Value, a replacement cost tool developed by ISO subsidiary Xactware Solutions, to estimate replacement costs for all of its homeowners insurance business.
Grange continued to reject the Petersons' claim for replacement costs in excess of $193,000.
87 per million cubic feet equivalent (Mcfe) domestic reserve replacement costs prior to price-related revisions.
Because replacement costs can be more complicated to determine for community associations since, in most cases, the association is responsible only for common areas of the facility and not individual units, it helps to have a company that has performed hundreds of initial reserve studies on your side.
The objective of the LIFO accounting method is to permit taxpayers to properly match their current sales revenues with the current replacement costs and thereby compute--and pay taxes on--a meaningful gross profit amount.
These bean bag positioners feature a replaceable valve system that can save hundreds of dollars in replacement costs should the system become compromised.
A BREAKTHROUGH in forecasting vehicle running costs has come with the launch of CAP Monitor SMR - enabling users to predict not only depreciation but service, maintenance and parts replacement costs.

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