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To change a convertible security into the underlying security. For example, if one converts a convertible bond for Johnson & Johnson, one exchanges the bond for the agreed-upon number of common shares in Johnson & Johnson. See also: Conversion option, Conversion price.


To exchange one security for a different security. For example, the owner of a convertible bond can choose to submit the bond to the issuer for conversion into a specified number of shares of stock.
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Citing scholars such as Kierkegaard (cited in Bretall, 1946) and Becker (1973), Temple argues that religious conversion is linked to self-consciousness, which is both a blessing and a curse.
In particular, I argue that (1) religious conversion must be understood as a process and continuum rather than a single discrete event, (2) conversion is a multiply-determined phenomenon that demands a complex theoretical model and a multifaceted research methodology, and (3) researchers would be well served by reevaluating the categories and concepts we utilize for measuring the political and social effects of religious conversion.
He reportedly has gone through a religious conversion and has befriended his old nemesis, Cardinal Obando y Bravo, the Catholic Church's top-ranking official in Nicaragua.
He will describe his religious conversion and the importance of religion in his life.
What Sharman was asking for amounted to a religious conversion from Chamberlain.
But he tells me he stopped voting before his religious conversion, that he'd already given up on the process.
Standouts in a consistently fine collection include the travails of a werewolf wife aging in dog years in Susan Palwick's "Gestella," Cory Doctorow's vicious satire of corporate warfare and its victim-soldiers in "Power Punctuation," and the heart-stopping black comedy of Terry Bisson's "The Old Rugged Cross," in which a death row inmate's religious conversion is capitalized on by virtually everyone who comes in contact with him.
Recounting the story of Ali's religious conversion and draft refusal, Young synthesizes this encounter between black hero and white imagination with the later collision of Basquiat and the art world.
Still, her decision must be a source of regret to her gullible supporters who were convinced by Hindley's sincere claims of religious conversion.
Padma Anagol's study looks at the Indian women who were the recruits for religious conversion by the kind of missionary women discussed by Haggis, while Margaret Ward explores the masculinist character of Irish nationalism.
Tony's religious conversion came after he met American evangelist Billy Graham when he was a teenager.
At about this same time she underwent the religious conversion that returned her to the Episcopal church, which she had left twenty years before.

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