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Used in the context of general equities. As a verb execute a trade, evidenced by its printing on the ticker tape. As a noun, a trade.


1. Informal; to execute an order by making a trade.

2. Informal; a trade.

In both cases, the term is most applicable when the trade appears on a ticker tape or is otherwise publicly recorded.


The appearance of securities transactions on the composite tape.
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Users can release print jobs anywhere within an organization's printing environment while saving money, reducing energy expenditures and improving security.
Let's see what it takes, starting with the facts: Each release print (or the copy of a movie that's delivered to theaters) of a 90-minute feature takes up multiple reels of film and costs approximately $l,500-$2,500.
The essay ends by exploring the dilemma of digital distribution for the viability of the 35mm release print, the impact of this on film stock production, and how this will affect film preservation, even of those films that are born digital.
Pull printing to enable the user to release print jobs at the device.
The DVD version of the movie adds an hour of archival material omitted from the release print.
He even describes creating the release print and negotiating a sale.
The MFC-L9550CDW adds a built-in NFC Card Reader for simple, walk-up authorization to release print jobs, and to access other machine functions using a compatible NFC card or badge[sup.
The foundation shall present a limited release print to community leaders at the upcoming 5th Annual Metro East Pride Festival on June 16th in Belleville, Illinois.
I know that you usually supervised the timing of the release print on most other films rather than the cinematographer, such as Burnett Guffey with Bonnie and Clyde.