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6) The reichsmark had a fixed gold content but was not convertible into gold until April 1930, at the discretion of the Reichsbank (Bresciani-Turroni 1953: 354).
Economics Minister Schacht, the man who had stabilized the Reichsmark in 1934 without resorting to devaluation by embracing a rigid system of capital controls and bilateral trade agreements, liked the idea of taking control of the BOD.
Genusslich wirbt die ARD mit der Ruckkehr zur "100-Stunden-Woche' bei einem Wochenlohn von drei Reichsmark funfzig.
5) During her most prosperous years ha the mid-1920s, it is estimated that Ury earned 80,000 Reichsmark per year (Brentzel 137).
With an average of 35 Reichsmark (RM) for an all-inclusive package tour in 1934 the KdF prices fell by two thirds compared to the "cheap" operators in the Weimar Republic--not to speak of the prevailing individual tourism.
Ropke's The Solution to the German Problem (1947) explained the folly of this policy and recommended abolishing controls and replacing the reichsmark with a sound, trustworthy currency.
36) He not only purchased the necessary cloth, he also placed an order with a tailor and even delivered the pants at a total cost of nineteen Reichsmark, which he paid.
16) Figures 1, 2, and 3 graph the daily dollar price of the pound, franc, and reichsmark, respectively, from June 1, 1932, through March 3, 1933.
On renewal, her wages increased even further, and in 1940 Leander entered an agreement with Ufa committing her to star in at least five films, to be produced over the following two years, for a total of 1 million Reichsmark.
In June the Allies agreed that their zones could draft a constitution, and they replaced the Reichsmark with the Deutchmark in the areas they controlled.
In the months that followed, this rendered the Reichsmark, a currency already in an inflationary spiral due to the effects of the war, essentially worthless.
11-12) states, "The Rentenmark was placed in circulation beside the devalued Reichsmark and carried no real value of its own but the naked avowal that there would be only so many Rentenmarks and no more.