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Laeken International is an internationally regulated commodity and foreign exchange service firm that offers both traditional self-directed and electronic trading services to over 140 countries.
The smart grid, both a game changer and the key to ensuring the industry's long-term health, will provide dramatic new opportunities for customers to control their power usage and for utilities to change the way they operate, allowing them to transform from regulated commodity energy firms to low-carbon network operators," he said.
As with every government regulation program ever conceived, the NAIS will have one predictable effect: it will drive the cost of the regulated commodity sky-high.
Since 1988, the total number of loads CN handled under regulated commodity rules -- including carloads, piggyback trailers and containers -- has increased by more than one third.
Since sugar is a regulated commodity in Indonesia, the government regularly intervenes to set floor price of sugar and also decides import quota for various sugar refiners.
The bill is directly antithetical to its own purposes in that it will divert trading in highly regulated commodity and energy futures markets to less regulated OTC and foreign markets accessible to U.
Historically, when natural gas was a regulated commodity, storage was part of the bundled product sold by the pipelines to distribution utilities.
Newton, senior vice president, legal, FE&G, will become senior vice president, wholesale customers and regulated commodity management for FE&G.
Sugar is a highly regulated commodity and most producing countries, the U.
Under the agreement, Nord Pool ASA will remain a regulated commodity exchange in Norway, listing Nordic financial Electricity contracts.
The bidding procedures for the sale of Refco's retail foreign exchange assets are similar to those employed in the sale of the assets of Refco LLC, the company's regulated commodity futures business, which was completed on November 25.
said today it has successfully concluded its sale of substantially all of the assets of Refco's domestic regulated commodity futures business to Man Financial Inc.