Regional stock exchanges

Regional stock exchanges

Organized national securities exchanges located outside of New York City and registered with the SEC They include: the Boston, Cincinnati, Intermountain (Salt Lake City-dormant, owned by COMEX), Midwest (Chicago), Pacific (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Philadelphia (Philadelphia and Miami), and Spokane (local mining and Canadian issues, non-reporting trades) Stock Exchanges.

Regional Stock Exchange

1. In the United States, all stock exchanges operating outside New York City. Examples include the National Stock Exchange and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

2. More broadly, all stock exchanges located outside a nation's main financial center.
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The Regional Stock Exchanges have been closed under the Orders of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which does not affect the status of the companies listed therein, except as per procedures/orders of SEBI.
The development of smaller regional stock exchanges can be good for the small and medium level investors to invest their money in these small and medium businesses.
Chairpersons from a number of compelling regional stock exchanges, including Nigeria, Kenya, and Pakistan, are among the panel participants.
The multi-functional platform offers a range of services including the option of real time quotes and price feed subscriptions, as well as access to news and announcements released by regional stock exchanges.
com/article/8637) precedent for blockchain solutions in regional stock exchanges.
This includes over 1,200 companies on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), besides over 3,000 companies on the various regional stock exchanges that have become defunct.
The predominant consumers of research -- funds and companies -- are a minority in the regional stock exchanges, accounting for less than 30 per cent of the value traded.
GCC stock markets have fallen by 20-35 per cent from their peaks due to the oil shock, dollar surges and exodus of offshore capital from the regional stock exchanges since April 2015.
We have expanded our reach to regional stock exchanges.
GCC investors are generally keen on investing in regional equities, thus, it makes ample sense to cross-list shares on regional stock exchanges rather than cross-list on international stock exchanges.
The idea of a regional stock exchange extends also to the Southern Africa region, where discussions are ongoing for the even more ambitious prospect of integrating regional stock exchanges into a single African stock exchange.
Sean Costello, chief representative office of Jersey Finance in Abu Dhabi called it a blessing for the regional stock exchanges.

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