redemption price

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Redemption price

Redemption Price

The price at which a bond may be repurchased by the issuer before maturity. The price is set at the time of the issue. Redemption prices are set to reduce the issuer's risk of default; that is, the issuer may have a concern that it will not be able to make all coupon payments and redemptions at maturity and may cut its losses by redeeming at the redemption price. One may refer to the redemption price as the call price.

redemption price

1. The price at which an open-end investment company will buy back its shares from the owners. In most cases, the redemption price is the net asset value per share.
2. See call price.
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The redemption of the Notes due 2010 and the Notes due 2012 and the payment of the respective redemption prices will be in accordance with the terms specified in the respective redemption notices and the redemption procedures of the trustee.
The cash redemption price for the Notes due 2010 is 103.
Payment of the redemption prices and accrued and unpaid dividends will be made to each tendering shareholder on or after the redemption date as soon as practicable after delivery and surrender of certificates.
On and after the redemption date, all holders of cumulative preferred stock shall cease to be shareholders, all dividends on the shares of each series will cease to accrue and all rights with respect to such shares will cease, except the right to receive the redemption price and unpaid and accrued dividends up to the redemption date, upon surrender of the certificates for the shares.
McGladrey & Pullen verified the mathematical accuracy of schedules provided to them by UBS Financial Services, underwriter for the refunding bonds, indicating the sufficiency of escrowed funds to pay remaining debt service obligations and redemption prices of the refunded bonds.
The escrow fund comprises two separate accounts, each of which is pledged for the purpose of paying principal, interest and redemption price on a specific series of refunded bonds.
Payment of the redemption prices will be made on or after December 31, 2004, upon presentation and surrender of certificates representing shares of the preferred stock redeemed, to Mellon Investor Services LLC, Redemption Agent, by hand at their window facility at 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271 or by mail at P.
The "make-whole" redemption prices were determined by reference to a fixed spread of 50 basis points over a specified U.
Listed below are the series of convertible preferred stock that will be redeemed and the redemption prices and partial dividends that will be paid on each series:
Listed below are the redemption prices and partial dividends that will be paid for each series of non-convertible preferred stock being redeemed:
60 Series (CUSIP 98389B209), at a redemption price of $103.