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Account Reconciliation

The process of ensuring that one's personal records of transactions on a bank account matches the bank statement one receives each month or quarter. That is, each time one writes a check, uses a debit card, or otherwise makes a withdrawal from or deposit into a bank account, one keeps a record of the transaction. Account reconciliation involves making sure that these records match the bank's of the same transactions. Account reconciliation helps avoid, or at least remedy, such problems as identity theft and bank errors.


In appraisal, the process of considering values calculated from the various appraisal methods and weighting the strength to be given to each approach in order to arrive at a final value for the property.

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The EU is now hoping to get the US GAAP reconcilation requirement for European firms trading on US stock markets removed by 2009.
As Rex recovers from his heart attack he attempts a desperate reconcilation with Bree.
Behavioral-genetic and socialization theories of intelligence: Truce and reconcilation.
In "The Confederate Monument at Arlington: A Token of Reconcilation," Karen Cox describes the powerful role the United Daughters of the Confederacy played in building a monument at Arlington National Cemetery, which was unveiled on June 4, 1914.
It will be held in Portcullis House, Westminster, and speakers will include representatives of the major political parties of Northern Ireland, other figures concerned with fostering peaceful relationships between the communities, and historians concerned with Ireland and with the theme of reconcilation of traumatic pasts.
43), when she demanded written evidence of any alleged conquest of Mme de Tourvel as the prerequisite for any amorous reconcilation with Valmont; the second alludes to the repeated betrayal by the famous courtesan Ninon de Lenclos of the Marquis de la Chatre, to whom she had given a billet de fidelite to console him over their temporary separation.
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from a nervous conventional propriety to a grown-up reconcilation with, and honouring of, the sensual side of life" (4), Hadley finds a metaphor for James's own development as a novelist.
It is believed Sinn Fein and Ian Paisley's Ulster Democratic Party have accepted invitations from the Warrington Ireland Reconcilation Enterprise, which was formed after the bombing which claimed the lives of Tim Parry, 12, and Johnathan Ball, three.
For a fascinating article on the reconcilation between Cameron and Santamaria, see Cameron Forbes, 'The End of the War', The Australian Magazine, 23-4 September 1995, pp.