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A specific designation given to members of real estate firms affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) who are trained and licensed to assist clients in buying and selling real estate.


A person who facilitates the sale of real estate. A realtor networks with potential buyers, shows the property to them, and generally acts in such a way that will help sell the property in the shortest possible period of time. A realtor receives a commission for his/her services, usually a percentage of the value of the property sold. The title of "realtor" is a designation reserved for members of the National Association of Realtors, and encompasses both real-estate agents and real-estate brokers.


A member of the National Association of REALTORS® (

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The idea that realtors could remove the random, speculative aspects of the field through a grounding in science was devastated by the bursting of the Florida bubble in 1926 that preceded the stock market crash, and the sector was further devastated by the drop in housing starts in the early 1930s.
It's clear that the Realtors in this case are voting their own pocketbooks,'' he said.
In training sessions offered every 6 months, officers from Chesterfield County's community policing and crime prevention divisions provide valuable safety tips that help realtors thwart possible harmful situations.
Previously, Realtors were required to be members of other cities' Realtors associations.
But the "nice folks" in Boise didn't much like Ralph telling customers that most Realtors represent the seller.
Laquidara, Institutional Member of the Year; Jamie Jo Umlauft, Realtor Associate of the Year; Sandra Erickson, BMAR President-Elect; Richard Giliotti, Banquet Chairman; Sandra Silverman, Banquet Co-Chairperson; Emilio Conciatori, Realtor of the Year; Virginia M.
Among the issues Crowley hopes to address is how realtors can help improve underperforming local schools, which is an area of focus for the New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR).
a wholly owned subsidiary of the Manhattan Association of REALTORS, updated the members and guests on the success of the MLS and demonstrated the enhancements that have been developed over the past year.
They will now leverage Rimfire's image management capabilities to streamline existing image upload workflow for Realtors.
This author has had the privilege of working with a core group of talented individuals who have re-established a board of realtors in Manhattan and also implemented the first true multiple listing service in Manhattan's history.
com is changing the way realtors have traditionally marketed their properties.

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