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Real property

Land plus all other property that is in some way attached to the land.

Real Estate

Land and the improvements on it. Real estate is one of the primary (and indeed one of the only) assets whose value does not depreciate over time. Depending on the particular title, ownership of real estate may include mineral rights to any geophysical aspects occurring thereon. Ownership of real estate does not automatically include the right to develop it, depending on local regulations. However, development of real estate (for example by building a house on it) usually increases the value. While supply of real estate does not vary, demand may change greatly depending on its particular features, number of people in the area, and cultural differences regarding land ownership. It is an attractive form of collateral because it cannot be stolen or destroyed. See also: Plot, zoning law.

real property

Real property.

Real property is what's more commonly known as real estate, or realty.

A piece of real property includes the actual land as well as any buildings or other structures built on the land, the plant life, and anything that's permanently in the ground below it or the air above it. In that sense, real property is different from personal property, which you can move from place to place with you.

real property

See property.

Real Property

Also known as real estate, includes land, buildings, and their structural components.
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Finally, in the event that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms fail, the law allows the spouses to seek the assistance of Canadian courts, which have modified powers under the band's Matrimonial Real Property Law, to resolve their dispute.
That the history of real property law was driven by family concerns, and that the study of property law can bring insights into the emotional history of the family, are conclusions that most historians would accept.
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Prudential strongly recommends that all interested buyers retain a Costa Rican broker to represent them in any resulting purchase transaction and consult with a Costa Rican attorney or any other experts they deem necessary regarding Costa Rican real property law and real property transactions.

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