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Real estate broker

An intermediary who receives a commission for arranging and facilitating the sale of a property for a buyer or a seller.

real estate broker

See broker.

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Platinum Partner: The Noble House Real Estate Broker.
The Real Estate Licensing Department now requires all real estate brokers to download the said system and verify real estate ownership data before performing any real estate sale or rental transaction.
In addition to discussing the concepts behind agency and representation, the Summer Series will also give viewers an in-depth understanding of how to fill out the Agency Disclosure Form (ADF), which New York State requires real estate brokers to give to consumers in connection with residential real estate transactions.
Basel Al Kasem, CEO, Al Basel Real Estate Brokers, commented, "It's certainly an honour to win this award, which we believe is a result of the dedication and hard work of the entire team.
Through Broker XSites, we're now bringing industry-leading technology to real estate brokers nationwide," Lindquist added.
Opening up [access to the MLS] will allow for free trade," says National Association of Real Estate Brokers President Frank A.
RESPA prohibits real estate brokers from taking fees for referring buyers to lenders, but the question is whether computer loan origination is a "referral" within the meaning of RESPA.
The figure reported covers the commissions that real estate brokers received from individuals and companies registered with Rera.
In 2009, Roth was awarded the title of Certified Top Agent, ranking him among the top one percent of Manhattan real estate brokers.
Al Basel Real Estate Brokers wins CyBest Start-Up CompanyCO award at Arabian Property ME Awards
Real estate brokers and developers loaded into a bus chartered by the city and were given the grand tour of Palmdale, seeing the SR Technics plant, the Rancho Vista Golf Course, new subdivisions and shopping centers.

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