Real property tax

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Real Property Tax

A property tax on local real estate that is calculated according to the fair market value of the real estate. That is, a real property tax is assessed as a percentage of the amount for which the owner would be able to sell the property in the current market. As a result, real property taxes increase when the local property market is bullish and decline when it is bearish.

Real property tax.

A real property tax is a local tax on the value of real estate. The property may be assessed at full value, which is presumably the price that the owner could sell it for in the current market, or using some other valuation method.

The taxing agency, such as a county, city, town, or village, sets a tax rate, which is multiplied by the assessed value of each property to determine the tax due on that property.

You may be able to deduct real property taxes on your federal income tax return, but large deductions for real estate taxes are one of the factors that may result in your owing the alternative minimum tax (AMT).

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Through these entities, in 2005-2007, the Maineses received three types of EZ Program credits, which were fully or partially refundable: the QEZE credit for real property taxes, the EZ investment credit, and the EZ wage credit.
Tenders are invited for furnishing of lock box collection services to the real property tax division, department of finance, county of hawai`i for the processing of real property tax bills and depositing of payments of real property taxes due the county of hawai`i
The budget announcement also covered several tax reforms relating to real property taxes.
In the last ten years the city's real property taxes have increased 100 percent.
Hovensa President/CEO Larry Kupfer said in 2006 the refinery generated US$161 million in USVI government tax revenues (including US$14 million in real property taxes and US$102 million in corporate income taxes by refinery owners and contractors).
IRC section 164(a) (1) allows taxpayers to deduct real property taxes paid or accrued during the taxable year.
Under the terms of the acquisition, the new owners agreed to assume delinquent real property taxes and assessments owed to the city of Palmdale.
If you own property, make sure that you distinguish deductible real property taxes from assessments paid for repairs to streets, sidewalks, sewers, gutters, and other improvements that benefit specific properties in specific neigborhoods.
On February 19, 2002, Tax Executives Institute filed the following brief amicus curiae with the Supreme Court of the United States concerning the constitutionality of two Minnesota counties, denying refunds of overbilled real property taxes paid by commercial property owners.
A charitable organization did not qualify for a charitable exemption from real property taxes due to its failure to limit possible distribution of its assets upon dissolution to those approved by the state, according to the Court of Appeals of Texas.
The jury set a ground-breaking precedent when it found that the borrower's refusal to pay real property taxes on the property unless it obtained an interest rate reduction from the lender, was malicious.

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