real market

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Real market

The bid and offer prices at which a dealer could execute the desired quantity of shares. Quotes in the brokers market.

Real Market

The bid and ask quotes at which a security is traded. The real market does not account for a security's fundamental value, only the price at which it may actually be traded. A dealer engaging in the real market gives quotes that are likely to be taken. A dealer who does not wish to engage the real market may give quotes, but the quotes are purposely too high (if an ask) or too low (if a bid).

real market

The quotes from a dealer who is willing to buy and sell a security in relatively large volume. Dealers uninterested in trading a security may provide quotes but do not expect anyone to act on them.
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Martin believes we need to embrace a different conception of business that includes a new model for aligning the expectations and real markets, executive compensation, and new structures that support authenticity and meaning.
The real market is the world in which factories are built, products and services are designed and produced, revenues are earned, expenses are paid, and profits are generated.
When the real market is dominant, customers are the focus and the central task of companies is to find ever better ways of serving them.
They are carving niches, finding real markets and planning to produce for real demand in the future.
The competition and feedback that distinguish real markets are missing in Russia.
In a real market system, competitors - not bribe-demanding bureaucrats - drive entrepreneurs crazy.
MarketZAR is an innovative concept that creates a level playing field for people who want the fun, thrill and potential reward of trading, but who may not have the time, experience or capital to execute their trades in the real markets.
I am glad to see that even in today's investment climate, the market votes for companies with superb management and development team, with exceptionally innovative technology that addresses big and real markets," said Avi Domoshevitzki, general partner at Concord Ventures.
The study also points out other striking similarities between artificial markets and real markets.
While for most purposes game markets cannot replace real markets, in terms of combining information and making predictions, artificial markets can be very valuable.
The study points out other striking similarities between game markets and real markets.
As a result, the game markets behave in some ways like real markets, showing signs of efficiency and predictive accuracy.