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401(a)(22), which require defined contribution plans (other than profit-sharing plans) to provide passthrough voting rights on certain matters if more than 10% of the plan assets are employer securities that are not readily tradable on an established market.
Example: Debra purchased $100,000 worth of FineCorp, a readily tradable stock, in October 2000.
Commenting on the news, IRE Chairman Anthony Caputo explained, "We are gratified that our shareholders have approved the split and look forward to not only increasing the number of outstanding shares, but also establishing the price of IRE stock at a level which we believe will be more readily tradable and accessible to a broader base of investors.
The company's balances of cash and readily tradable securities on a consolidated basis of $1 billion as of January 17, 2001 are expected to adequately fund CMGI's operations through to EBITDA break-even.
For stock that is not readily tradable, the corporation merely has to use a "reasonable application of a reasonable valuation method" (38) Whether or not a method is "reasonable" depends on the usual factors, i.
For assets that are not readily tradable or that do not otherwise have an established market, this avoids having to establish the assets' FMV on Jan.
real estate, or "run for cover CDs or readily tradable stock.
Since the debt will be readily tradable in international markets, Bank of America will also be responsible for registering transfers of debt between creditors and reporting changes in debt ownership to Vnesh.
A publicly traded partnership (PTP) is a partnership whose ownership interests are traded on an established securities market or are readily tradable on a secondary market (or the substantial equivalent thereof).