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An evaluation of credit quality of a company's debt issue by Thomson Financial BankWatch, Moody's, S&P, and Fitch Investors Service. Investors and analysts use ratings to assess the riskness of an investment. Ratings can also be an evaluation a country's creditworthiness or ability to repay, taking into consideration its estimated percentage default rate and political risk.


1. See: Bond rating.

2. See: Credit score.
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Parallel ratings would unsettle the difficult transition process between now and the middle of 2005.
Specification of required qualifications for ratings analysts, probably by an internal team or group, that will include accounting, financial, management and industry experience and education.
Under Review (u) Rating Modifiers are assigned to Best's Ratings and Financial Performance Ratings to identify companies whose rating opinions are Under Review and may be subject to near-term change.
Fitch's rating definitions and the terms of use of such ratings are available on the agency's public site, www.
Fitch's rating action follows the filing of amended financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the concurrent delivery of financial information by Cablevision to it's lender group and bond holders.
Foreign currency IDR upgraded to 'BBB-' Rating Outlook Stable, from 'BB+' Rating Outlook Stable.
The upgrade of the Local currency long-term IDR of Banco do Brasil and Banco da Amazonia as well as the upgrade of the national ratings of the latter are driven by potential support from local authorities as well as the improved financial performance over recent years and the historical deposit stability exhibited by Banco do Brasil.
Many Brazilian corporate ratings continue to be linked to the 'BB' foreign currency IDR of the sovereign.
Today's ratings actions reflect Fitch's belief that CBCF will be successful in its efforts to minimize attrition of RBNC customers.
Consequently, the ratings of RBTT Financial were affirmed at their current levels.
Today's rating action follows recent discussions with the senior management of HNT, and reflects Fitch's implementation of its new ratings standards for the U.